Adulting Update, Week 3

It has now been three full weeks of adulting and maybe unsurprisingly, no big changes have happened since last week. I think this will be my last weekly update and instead, I'll do monthly updates, unless I find something really interesting in my spreadsheet or make a drastic change.


  1. This past weekend was the first time I went out since I've been adulting. I went out for dinner and drinks on Friday night and for lunch on Saturday. So, that was an expense that I didn't have in my first two weeks, but I think it reflects my spending a bit more accurately, as I probably go out one night over the weekend on most weeks. I spent about ¥10,000 over the weekend, including transportation and everything. I will admit that I was thinking about my spreadsheet with every drink and food item I ordered. And at first, I thought, "No! My money!" But, I must realize that I can't deprive myself of occasionally having fun, for the sake of not spending money. This is my obsessive personality coming out and I am definitely obsessed with this spreadsheet. But hey, at least it has really elevated my awareness.

  2. My "Don't Fucking Touch" savings is up to ¥6,800 after 4 weeks (I put money toward this according to calendar week and I started adulting on a Wednesday, so I put in money on that first Wednesday and on the following Sunday, even though both days were technically in my first full week of adulting). That amount isn't too shabby considering that I don't even notice it being gone and I probably would have spent that money if it was sitting in my wallet, as it's just a small amount each week—for now. I need to add ¥2,200 this coming Sunday and I think when the amount gets to ¥4,000 and above per week, I'll start to notice that cash missing from my wallet more.

  3. This may be really boring of me, but for the past two weeks, I've been taking the same thing for lunch almost every day. I usually make chicken, rice, and some kind of pan-fried/sautéed vegetables on Monday and Wednesday nights for the next two days. On Sunday, I go to the market and get inspired to cook, so I cook dinner and take the leftovers for lunch on Monday. It's been spinach garlic penne pasta for the past two weeks. This will probably become extremely monotonous over time, but it saves me from having to think about food during the week. Without planning and preparing my lunches ahead of time, I'm tempted to buy something, which would cost at least twice as much as I'm currently spending. I only have to think about dinner during the week and it's usually a 50/50 split between me cooking dinner and buying dinner on my way home from work. Still saving a lot of money.

  4. My phone bill for last month came today. ¥9502. That's less than last month. And last month was less than the month before. International text messages are apparently ¥100 per message. Ridiculous. Yeah, I know you can turn off the setting that sends messages as text messages if iMessage is unavailable. But, when I went to Hokkaido with my mama and aunty last month, I had to communicate with them and they have American phones (with no international data), so it was inevitable that we had to use text messaging when they couldn't connect to wifi. So, it's okay. My phone bill is normally around ¥8,000 anyway, so it's not much more.

  5. My transportation expense for the week was ¥3,400. I still think it's crazy how quickly the cost of public transportation adds up, especially because I never really thought twice about it before. I'm really glad my company reimburses for transportation to work.

  6. I didn't buy makeup this past week, so makeup still needs to be bought soon. *cries* Maybe I'll try drug store mascara. But, my NARS foundation...and my NARS concealer...and my holy grail Anastasia Perfect Brow pencil...I can't live without those. Sorry, wallet.